Starts Friday 2nd October 2020 Names in by 5pm for 5.30pm start
BBQ will start Friday 6th November 2020

Enter your name for the following Club Games 
Single Gender Event Entry Sheets in respective Cloak Rooms
Men & Ladies Championship Singles played singularly

Men Championship Pairs 9.30am Sunday  January 2021

Ladies Championship Pairs 11am Played on day to be announced

Entry Sheets now on Office Notice Board for Combined Events 
Presidents Handicap      B Grade Singles      Two Bowl Singles   100 UP
Above Combined Events Played Singularly

Graded Triples: Sunday  Ocober 2020 Uniform BYO Lunch

Combined Graded Pairs: Sunday  January 2021 Uniform BYO Lunch

Mixed Pairs: Sunday Sunday 9th February 2020 Uniform BYO Lunch

Every Wednesday Names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start during the Bowling Season

STATE EVENTS 2020 – 2021

WGBD Event Entry Forms in respective Cloak Rooms, Please check closing dates.
60 + Events
Men      Singles      Oct   Mon    Fri    Mon  & Fri
Pairs          Oct Mon 8   Nov  Fri    Fri  & Mon
Ladies  Singles      Oct   Fri    Mon  & Fri
Pairs          Nov   Fri    Fri  & Mon                   Region Finals Feb Sun  &
Men & Ladies   Singles       Nov   Sun                Region Finals  Dec Sun
State Fours
Ladies   January 2021 Sun  & Sun
Men       January 2021 Sun  & Sun
State Triples
Men & Ladies   November  Fri  &   Dec Mon
State Pairs
Ladies   December 2020   Sat    Sat  & Sun
Men       December 2020   Sat    Sat  & Sun

State Mixed Pairs
December    Mon    Fri  & Mon
State Singles
Ladies    December  2020   Sun    Jan Sat  & Sun
Men        December  2020   Sun    Jan  Sat  & Sun 5
Region State Finals  Feb  2020 Sun 16 & Sun

Champion of Champions Events
Ladies   Singles   January  2021  Sat    Sun  & Mon
Pairs      January 2021 Fri  & Mon 20
Men      Singles   January   2021 Sat    Sun  & Mon
Pairs      March  2021 Sat  & Sun
Region Championship Finals Feb  2021 Sun  & Sun

Men Championship Fours
2021         March  2021   Sat  & Sun       only played at WGBD Level.

REGION Events to be played February 2021
Ladies & Men State Finals                   February 2021 Sun  & Sun
Ladies & Men Champion of Champions February 2021 Sun  & Sun